Mr Anthony KoupparisConsultant Urologist

    I am a consultant urological surgeon at the Bristol Urological Institute, which is a recognised centre of excellence by the European Association of Urology and the Urology Foundation. I am a national and international trainer for robotic surgery and one of the highest volume robotic surgeons in the UK. I trained and worked as a consultant in the world-renowned Department of Urologic Sciences at the University of British Columbia and Vancouver Hospital, Canada. I am very proud to continue to train the next generation of robotic urological surgeons.
    With my experience I am able to offer a minimally-invasive robotic approach for procedures and surgeries which are traditionally approached with open surgery, large incisions and longer recovery times. I manage complex urological cancer and non-cancer problems with robotic-assisted surgery. Contrary to the impression that the robot itself performs the surgery, the system relies upon a human operator for all of its actions, which requires very specialist training. Although these procedures remain complex, they are associated with less blood loss, less pain and shorter recovery times.

    These are the robotic procedures offered at BUA:

    • Robotic-assisted radical prostatectomy – including surgery for high-risk cancer
    • Robotic-assisted salvage (after radiotherapy or HIFU) prostatectomy
    • Robotic-assisted cystectomy with full intracorporeal reconstruction
    • Robotic-assisted pyleoplasty
    • Robotic assisted reconstruction of the lower urinary tract – including ureteric re-implantation and ileocystoplasty (bladder enlargement)

    I also manage a wide variety of general urological problems which include:

    • Lower urinary tract symptoms and benign prostatic hyperplasia
    • Erectile dysfunction, low testosterone
    • Recurrent urinary tract infections
    • Circumcision, hydrocele repair, epididymal cyst removal and frenuluplasty

    I work as part of the team at Bristol Urology Associates (BUA). In line with our progressive approach to care, we work at the forefront of modern urological developments. I am a keen ironman triathlete and kitesurfer. I have a young family who keeps me busy when I am not looking after my patients!