GP information

The BUA: A Private Urology Service in Bristol

Full diagnostic service including:

  • Thorough evaluation and comprehensive treatment options for prostate conditions: raised PSA, prostate cancer, enlarged benign prostate and prostatitis
  • Management of abnormal PSA blood test
  • Lower urinary tract symptoms
  • poor or hesitant flow, urgent desire to pass urine, increased daytime frequency, repeatedly getting up to pass urine at night, incomplete bladder emptying
  • Blood in the urine (haematuria)

Comprehensive Treatment Service including:

  • Prostate cancer: active surveillance, HIFU, Brachytherapy, Robotic surgery
  • BPH: TURP, UroLift, REZUM, Prostatic artery embolization
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Kidney stone disease
  • Kidney Cancer
  • Scrotal problems e.g.  testicular lumps, hydrocele
  • Vasectomy and vasectomy reversalUrinary infections

Due to the nature of being in partnership, we offer a fully comprehensive service which covers all areas of urology. If your patient decides to go privately, we welcome referrals to Bristol Urology Associates either to the partnership in general or to a named consultant.

Referrals to the BUA will be allocated at a convenient location for the patient with the next available consultant. For subspecialty conditions, the patient will be triaged to see the appropriate sub-specialist unless otherwise indicated. Through

this system, we endeavour to offer both a speedy general urology service and the best management for sub-speciality conditions.

GPs and other referrers can be confident that their patients will be in the capable hands of the BUA Consultants who are all leading experts in their separate fields. Given the strength of our combined expertise, we are willing to take on the most complex cases as well as being able to provide additional urological information and discuss any specific queries you may have.

Our consultants also offer a GP update service where we are happy to arrange a visit to your practice at your convenience to provide further information on any urological treatments or procedures for patients.  Please call 0117 980 4118 if you have any queries.

Referral letter

A referral letter is necessary in order for us to accept the referral. The patient can contact us to book in prior to our receiving this.

Online referral form

Email referral:

Fax referral:
0117 974 5758

Post referral:
Bristol Urology Associates
85 Alma Road
Bristol BS8 2DP

Once we have received the referral, we will contact the patient to make an appointment. If the patient wishes, they can also ring to secure an appointment prior to your referral letter reaching us.

If you have any problems please phone our Patient Co-ordinator or one of the team.