Urinary Leakage (incontinence)

Incontinence is a word that conjures many negative emotions but in reality it is something that affects us all, young and old, men and women.

Incontinence treatment

At Bristol Urology we offer a sympathetic approach to all patients with urinary leakage and a full range of treatments to help to either control or cure the problem. We appreciate that most people find it hard to talk about their condition and most will have suffered silently for months or years. If you think that you need help then you certainly do and you might be amazed just how simple treatments could be.

Our urinary leakage team consists of Tim Whittlestone and Raj Persad, Consultants, together with Lynne Rowe our Urology specialist nurse supported by a team of continence advisors in the community. We will normally want to meet with you for a fact finding consultation and then arrange some simple tests to confirm the diagnosis.

We have vast experience at Bristol Urology Associates being the first providers to offer bladder BOTOX and male urethral slings in the South West. Our clinic is purpose designed to investigate urinary leakage in the least intimidating environment.

  • "The treatment I received at Bristol Urology was outstanding. From the initial consultation through to my procedure I always felt that I was in safe hands."

    Mr D. Smith
  • Excellent as always!

    Mr Lewis

Treatment is usually either physiotherapy and drug treatments. The drugs are not usually lifelong but help to supplement the physiotherapy exercises and to ‘re-programme’ the bladder. Occasionally we recommend surgery.

Surgery for urinary leakage is simple and safe. Our consultants use sling operations in both men and women to prevent leakage as well as more traditional operations. We are also very experienced in the use of BOTOX for bladder control.

Occasionally neither drugs nor surgery will be effective and some of patients are reliant on continence devices and catheters. We can find the simplest and least troublesome solution to each individuals problem and provide them with lifelong support either in our clinic or in their home.

For some people with complex medical problems we are happy to arrange a home visit by one of our consultants and specialist nurse to find the best continence solution.

Urinary leakage can be a complex problem. Patients should rest assured that almost always we can improve symptoms and that surgery is not always required.